My Bio

Allan McDougall Headshot -2

I’m a social scientist specializing in language and applied linguistics who works in the field of Health Professional Education. I am a full-time researcher in the Research Unit of the Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Canada.

My PhD is in Health & Rehabilitation Sciences, where my primary research project used actor-network theory to study the role of materials on health care teams.

My current research focuses on technology adoption in medical education.


  1. Just a thought, no need to approve this, but maybe you should consider making it easier for people to subscribe to your blog and to the comments. I have searched high and low and have yet to find a “subscribe now” button. Some people know how to subscribe to RSS feeds without such links, but many don’t. I feel like a bit of an ass for my negativity so feel free to come by my blog and tear it apart a little. :-)


  2. Well if you ever need help just let me know and I am sure I can point you in the right direction.


  3. I came across your blog when I was doing a search on ‘metaphors.’
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading the two parts on metaphors and then ventured into reading some more.

    And now…I’m waiting for your April posting.

    Great work,


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